Welcome to the PHS Media Center



Welcome to the Perry Hill School Library Media Center!


Mrs. Conway, Library Media Specialist


 HOURS The Media Center is open 8:10 - 3:10 every day during school hours.  Grade 5 and 6 students visit the library every other week.


BORROWING BOOKS Students may take out 2 books or magazines for a period of two weeks.  All items are to be returned by the next library class.  Students may renew their book as long as another student is not waiting for that book to be returned.


OVERDUE & LOST BOOKS Students are asked to return any overdue books whenever the library is open.  Open book exchange is scheduled from 8:10 - 8:30 each day for return on overdue books.  Overdue notices will go out 3 times a year: in December, in March, and in June.  This notice states the name of the book and its price.  Lost book monies are used to purchase new books.  If a book is found after it is paid for, your money will be refunded!


ABOUT THE MEDIA SPECIALIST   My name is Mrs. Conway and I am thrilled to begin another year here at the Media center of Perry Hill School!  I have a fixed schedule of classes so I see every student at Perry Hill School!  I conduct a 45 minute library class, where the first 30 minutes are spent on a mini-lesson on an Information Literacy & Technology (IL&T) topic and the last 15 minutes are for students to choose Just Right books.


I have two Master's degrees from Syracuse University: one in Instructional Technology and the other in Library Science.  Additionally, I obtained my CT teaching certificate in Library media from SCSU.  Formerly, I was an educational professional at a software company and an instructional librarian at a college so I have been around books, computers, and teaching my whole working life!  Prior to coming to Perry Hill, I was the Media Specialist at Mohegan School.


I have one son, Matthew, who is 13, and one dog, Buddy, who just turned 7.  They both keep me very busy and happy!



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