Student Support Service Team

Student Support Services

Support services are available for every student in the school.  These services include assistance with educational planning, interpretation of test scores, career information, how to improve study habits, help with home, school, and/or social concerns, or any area that the student may feel they would like to discuss.  Each student is assigned to a counselor based on their grade.  School Counselors are located in the main office, along with the School Psychologist and the Social Worker.  Students can make appointments with any member of the Support Team by asking their teacher or by emailing the Support Team directly.  Parents can also reach out to the Support Team by email or by calling the school directly.

Dr. Justin Byron, School Psychologist -

Mrs. Leslie Burne-Keating, Psychologist -

Mrs. Sarah DeNigris, Counselor, Grade 5 -

Mrs. Lisa Mackniak, Counselor, Grade 6 -

Mr. Thomas Cummings, Part-Time Counselor, Grade 5&6 -

Ms. Kay Redmond, Social Worker -