Criteria for Gold Card Members

To earn a gold card, students must consistently exhibit the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate good/consistent effort in all subject areas

  • Demonstrate a good attitude and show a willingness to try, even when unsure about a skill or concept

  • Exhibit positive behavior throughout the day

  • Consistently show respect to adults and peers

  • Demonstrate a willingness to help peers and work cooperatively with others

  • Choose to do the right thing in all situations

  • Consistently completes class and homework assignments on time

  • Gathers all necessary materials from lockers during designated time

  • Be a role model for others


Loss of privilege:

  • A card can be revoked if a student is on the log for a level 2 or level 3 incident

  • For any other incidents, it would be a "three strikes you're out" policy

  • No privileges on that day, if a student leaves their gold card at home


 Gold Card Winner template October 1.pdf 

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