Week 5: The Dewey Decimal System

The Dewey Decimal System is used to organize books int h most school libraries.  In this system, each topic has its own number.  The books are assigned a number according to the topic they are about.  Then, the books are arranged on the shelves in number order, so books on the same topic are on the same shelf.

Dewey Decimal Webquest

This webquest will help you understand how the Dewey system works so that you can more easily find items in your library.  You will also find out about its inventor and why the system was invented.

Directions: Click the links below to complete each section of your webquest handout.  All answers can be found on these pages simply by reading them!

  1. Who is Melvil Dewey?

  2. The Dewey Decimal System

  3. Popular Topics and Their Dewey Numbers

When you are done with the webquest, test you knowledge of Dewey by using one of these games!

Game: Dewey Decimal Fun

Game: Dewey Challenge

Game: Dewey Matching

Click Dewey Browse to see websites by Dewey category


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