You can find books in the Perry Hill School Library Media Center at school or at home by doing a title, author, or keyword search using our online library catalog, Destiny.


How to Find Books by Title in Destiny


When you search for a book by its Title, the most important thing you need to remembers is to spell correctly.  Destiny is not like Google and will no correct your typos!  You do not need to type in the word "The" that begins many book titles because Destiny ignores that word.  Lastly, if the title you are searching for is long, you can just type the first 3 words into the Find field and Destiny will still find that book.




How to Find Books by Author in Destiny


When you search for your favorite Author in Destiny, you need to know how to correctly spell his or her name.  You can type in just the author's last name if it is unique, like Riordan, or you can type in the first and last name if their last name is common, like Smith.


How to Find Books by Keyword in Destiny


Keyword searches are mostly used to locate non-fiction books on a particular topic.  Your keyword is the most important word that describes best what topic you are looking for.  For example, some topics may be Origami, Leopards, World War II.