Take A Tour Of Our Media Center


Take a Media Center Tour


The Perry Hill School Media Center opened in January 2011 to everyone's delight!  The space is bright, beautiful, and well-organized.


Come on a tour with me through the Media Center and take a good look around!  We will begin at the Circulation Desk and walk clockwise through the room, going over each area as we pass it.


The Circulation Desk is where students check-out their books at each library visit.  Shelf-markers reside here for students to utilize when searching for books.  Mrs. Conway gives out  bookmarks here throughout the year and it's always fun to reach the Library Joke of the Week here too!


The Computers are where students are able to sign in and look up what books are found in the library using Destiny, our online catalog.  We use these computers during our library lessons and teachers will also use them with their classes for research projects.


The Nonfiction section of the library contains books with facts and true information on real things, such as ghosts, sports, military machines, pets, cars, and animals.  Origami, craft books, and I Spy are also found here.  Nonfiction books are organized on the shelf according to their Dewey number.


The Biography section of the library contains books retelling the life story of somebody who really lived.  These people can be from today, such as Derek Jeter or Barack Obama, or from the past, such as Florence Nightingale or Abraham Lincoln.


The Reference section of the library contains class sets of almanacs, dictionaries, atlases, thesauruses, and encyclopedias.  These books do not circulate.  They are used in the Library lessons or in the classroom upon teacher request.


The Magazine section contains 13 different subscriptions to meet a variety of interests.  We have Boy's Life, Discovery Girls, Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic for Kids, Dig, Odyssey, Faces, Cricket, Highlights, Zoobook, and Stone Soup.


The Fiction sections contains books that tell made-up stories.  Fiction genres, such as mystery, historical fiction, realistic fiction, and adventure, are found here.  These books are organized alphabetically by author.  To locate a specific book title, use Destiny to find the author's name.


The Picture Book section contains a variety of picture books students may remember from grade school that they can check out to take home to read to younger brothers or sisters.  Students may also check these out if looking for a fun and simple read!


The New Book Island is the first place students stop to look for books to check-out.  Here they can preview recent additions to our library.


I hope you enjoyed this tour through our Media Center.  Please let me know if you have any questions!



Created on 11/12/2013 - Last updated on 12/13/2013