Evaluate Websites


When you use a library, the books there have already been evaluated by editors, fact checkers, and publishers.  However, when you are using the World Wide Web, none of this applies.  There are no editors.  Anyone can write a Web page.  Some have good information to use while others do not.  You need to develop the skills to evaluate the information you find on the Internet.


The 5 Criteria for Evaluating Websites


VIDEO: How to Evaluate Information on the Web


Who is the author?  What are his credentials?  Did he study this topic at school or college?  Does he have job experience in this field?  Is there any way to reach him if you have questions?  Does he have sufficient authority to speak on the subject?


Website #1: The Dog Owner's Guide

Website #2: How to Choose the Right Dog


Are sources of information and factual data listed in a bibliography?  Have you cross-checked the facts with another source? 


John Cabot    Website #1    Website #2

Samuel de Champlain    Website #1    Website #2

Christopher Columbus    Website #1    Website #2

Sir Francis Drake    Website #1    Website #2

Vasco de Gama    Website #1    Website #2

Henry Hudson    Website #1    Website #2

Ferdinand Magellan    Website #1    Website #2

Francisco Pizarro    Website #1    Website #2

Hernando De Soto    Website #1    Website #2

Vasco Nunex De Balboa    Website #1    Website #2


Is the information on the page up-to-date?  Can you tell when the page was last updated?


Ancient Greece #1

Ancient Greece #2

Ancient Greece #3


Does the content reflect a bias?  Does it have a negative point of view?  Does the bias impact the usefulness of the information?


American Pit Bull Terrier

Fact or Opinion? Quiz



What is covered?  What is not?  Is this information really relevant to my topic?  How in-depth is the material provided?  What does the page offer that other websites or resources do not?


Armadillos Website #1

Armadillos Website #2

Armadillos Website #3



Created on 12/13/2013 - Last updated on 3/18/2015