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Perry Hill School

Digital Media Club

The main purpose of this club is to give today's students the skills they needed to create photographs, animations, games, webpages, and other things on the web.


Week 1

Finding & Taking Photographs

Today you will fill our a survey and then find images on Google of your favorites.


Photography: Rules of Composition


Week 2

Editing Photographs

Today you will select one photo and add different effects to it using Pixlr, an online image editing tool.  You will then take all your transformed photos and make a collage out of them!  I can't wait to see them all! :)



How to Use Pixlr, and Online Photo Editor

Pixlr Collage Tutorial


Week 3

Downloading Free Sound Clips

Today you will locate sound clips from your favorite movies to download for free. We will use these in our animations next week!


Week 4

What Does the Fox Say?  Creating Talking Photo Videos

Today you will make your own talking head video using Blabberize.  You first need to find a photo to talk - it could be your favorite singer, sports player, or fox!  Then you will create a MP3 audio file user VozMe, a text to speech converter tool.  Just type in the words you want to record, no microphone neccessary!






Week 5

Creating Avatars

Today we will create avatarts.  Avatars are like cartoons of ourselves: they are used on the Internet to represent who we are.  try any one or all of these websites to create avatars:


Avachara Anime Avatar Maker


Build Your Wild Self




Face Your Manga


Lego Mini-Mizer



Week 6

History of Video Games

Today we will review the history of video games, look at where they came from and the golden age of arcade games.


YouTube Video: A Brief History of the Video Game

Ralph Baer - the Inventor of the Video Game


Original Patent for the Magnavox Odyssey


Pong - the first video game, 1972


Space Invaders and Asteroids - first really popular arcade games by Midway, 1978


Pac Man - first color arcade game by Midway, 1980


Donkey Kong - first game with a story line (save the damsel in distress) by Nintendo, 1981


Mario Brothers and Frogger were other popular games during the golden age of aracde style games, 1987


Week 7

Making Computer Games

Today we will create and play our own computer games!




Week 8

Modern Game Design

Today we will review some simple but interesting computer games, examining what exactly makes them examples of good game design.


Sugar, Sugar






Hidden Titanic


Week 9

Animated GIFs, Memes, and Flappy Bird

Today we will explore an online animated picture generator and a meme generator. You can also create your own Flappy Bird game!!


Meme Generator


Create Your Own Flappy Bird Game!



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