All About eBooks



What are eBooks?


Books that are published in digital or electronic format for display on a computer screen, eReader, or other handheld device.




Where can I find eBooks to read?


There are many places you can find eBooks to read.  Please note that not every title can be read on every device.  eBooks come in different formats.


In Our Library


You can find eBooks in our library by going into Destiny and selecting "Resource Lists" and then "Public".  There is a list entitled "eBooks".  Here you can see a list of all eBooks in our library.  Click a title and then click the link under Explore to launch the eBook.


Alternatively, you can access the eBook platform separate from Destiny by clicking this Infobase Publishing link.

Username: perryhill    Password: shelton


At the Public Library


The Shelton Public Library subscribes to the Overdrive service, which offers eBooks for free download.  Note the eBook format next to each title.


Highlight and copy this # 24025028043361 to access Overdrive.


On the Internet


The Google eBookstore usually has the first chapter of many popular fiction titles available to read for free.  This is a good way to find out if you like reading eBooks online.


There are other Internet websites that offer free children's picture books such as these below:


Project Gutenberg Children's Bookshelf

Children's Books Online

Classic Reader - for Young Readers



Created on 11/12/2013 - Last updated on 12/13/2013